In an era of declining analogue skills and CAD, Taylan Balaban bridges the gap between both worlds as an artist and designer at its best. He mixes classic references with contemporary imagery to push his art constantly forward. 


Born 1992 in Cologne (GER) he starts immediately drawing after watching Space Jam and Disney’s Hercules. At times, he plays more basketball than doing art. Though, his love for comics keeps him steady in creative rotation.  


During high school, he makes his first endeavors on communication design; he is heavily infected by graffiti and street art. After graduation, he enrolls in Cologne’s University of Technology, Arts and Science architecture program and works at Michael Schumann Architects. In this period, he does artwork for musicians and wall paintings for bars and restaurants.


By joining Cologne Game Lab to complete his degree in Digital Games, he develops a versatile skill set that enables him to communicate his vision. Meanwhile, he works at MMC Film and Television Studios Cologne and advertising agency TBWA Düsseldorf.


His remarkable style is the result of intense research and experiments. Contributing the cultural context with iconic artwork and valuable content remains his top priority.